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Daily Links for Friday, Jan. 29

Happy Friday everyone! It's the dog days of winter, apparently, with multiple starters ending up in coach Ruff's doghouse over the last few games. Toni Lydman was "furious" about being a healthy scratch, so hopefully that will translate on the ice. A few days ago, I was "furious" that we ran out of Cinnamon Life for breakfast, but it didn't mean I worked any harder that day. Let's hope Mr. Lydman eats his Cinnamon Life this morning.

The coach and team comment about the infamous doghouse.

Scratch has Lydman in a sniff - The Buffalo News
My favorite quote in this article: "You could see he was furious at being a healthy scratch for the first time as a member of the Buffalo Sabres." Maybe there's something to Rafal's magic doghouse theory....

Connolly not concerned that the streak is over - WGR 550
Although I was sad to see Tim Connolly's 16 game point streak come to an end, I loved the fact that it wasn't an 18-points-in-16-games streak, but that he scored 25 in those 16 games. Let's start another one tonight.

Loser point has run its course - The Hockey News
I agree, agree, and agree with this article - especially the last point.

Michigan-Michigan State Will Play Another Outdoor Game - College Hockey News
Cold War Part II coming this Dec. 11 at the Big House.

The Pensblog Guide To Hockey Fans - Pensblog
An exhaustive and funny guide on how to identify hockey's most annoying fans - from the "Crosby sucks" guy to the "Gotta make a trade" guy and everything in between. Well worth your time but it is really really long.