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Daily Links for Thursday, Jan. 28

Hopefully the 7pm start time allowed everyone to stay up and watch the shootout, where the Sabres inexplicably made Martin Brodeur look foolish. Not that I'm complaining, mind you, it's just that somehow I thought the best goalie in the world over the last 10 years wouldn't be fooled by the Sabres unbeatable "no-dekes-just-shoot" strategy. But hey, I guess it's about time we won a shootout anyway, so let's not look a gift horse in the mouth. After the break: without hyperbole, there is a video that may actually be the best thing ever. WATCH IT.

New Jersey Devils Threaten but Slip Up in Shootout to Buffalo Sabres, 2-1 - In Lou We Trust
Our buddies at ILWT pen a recap citing moral victories that we know all too well. Glad to be on the non-moral-but-with-2 points side of things.

Sabres say their wounds have been self-inflicted - The Buffalo News
This article doesn't have quite the same bite after a win, but the team didn't really play all that well last night.

Morning skate report: RJ still out, Miller in - Sabres Edge
If you were wondering where Rick Jeanerette was last night, this article has a quick blurb about his return, as well as Lindy Ruff talking about resting Miller.

How Little Can One Man Possibly Play? - Behind The Net
Which NHL players get the least ice time? And what skill ties them together? Two former Sabres players are on this list, and I bet every single one of us could guess who has gotten the least ice time over the past decade.

Port Huron Icehawks Star Wars Night -
I want a Boba Fett hockey jersey.

UAF Nanook Hockey Opening 2009-2010 - YouTube
Sweet Lord above if you do one thing today, please watch this intro for the Alaska Nanooks. If your head doesn't explode I will personally give you a refund.