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Sabres 2 Devils 1 SO: Sabres Need Shootout to Oust Devils


A quick glance at the Game Summary will make you believe this was an entertaining hockey game. The Devils had 40 shots on Ryan Miller and the Sabres had 31 on Martin Broduer. The number of shots does not indicate the quality of shots. This was a low chance game for both teams and as Lindy Ruff stated in his post game presser "it looked like two tired teams playing tonight".

The important thing for the Sabres was to get two points in their return home and they accomplished that goal. It took a shootout to get the win but the play of the game was Adam Mair tipping a shot from Derek Roy to give the Sabres a 1-0 lead. The Devils eventually tied the game but the Sabres never trailed in the game and that was important for the home squad.

Recent history tells us that the Sabres do not play well against New Jersey when they fall behind. I mentioned earlier that the first goal would be important for that very reason. If Mair doesn't score that goal, his second in as many games, the Sabres lose the game.

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 Final Thoughts
  • It was sad to see Tim Connolly's point streak end tonight. It is hardly a surprise with the way the game went with limited chances from both teams. Connolly did have a chance on a 3-on-1 and elected to drop the pass back instead of shooting. He has nobody to blame but himself for the end of the streak.
  • The Sabres had a disappointing road trip although they played well for long stretches on the trip. Tonight they eliminated the mistakes that plagued them out West and they were rewarded with a shootout victory.
  • I thought Clarke MacArthur played well on most of the West Coast trip but Lindy Ruff had other ideas. C-Mac was a healthy scratch tonight. When questioned I thought Lindy reacted strangely...I wonder if C-Mac is ready to be traded? This is pure speculation but the thought immediately popped in my head after watching Lindy after the game.
  • I think Lindy Ruff needs to take some of the blame for the Sabres recent offensive woes. His line combinations have not taken advantage of his offensive players. I understand that Drew Stafford was coming off an illness but playing Adam Mair with Thomas Vanek and Derek Roy is not doing Vanek and Roy any favors (yes I know Mair scored the only goal and has two in as many games). In the same vain it doesn't help Stafford to be playing with Gaustad and Kaleta.

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