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Daily Links for Tuesday, Jan. 26

NHL analysts everywhere are inflicted with a serious disease - trade deadline mania. Symptoms of this crippling disease include spontaneous creations of lists of UFA's, incessant speculation about Ilya Kovalchuk, and unnatural interest in the workings of various salary caps. Luckily, there's a cure - we have a whole bunch of articles today dealing with trades, both Sabres related and otherwise. Side effects of these articles may include drowsiness, upset stomach and dry mouth. Do not operate heavy machinery while reading these articles. If these articles take longer than four hours to read, consult your doctor immediately.

TRADE GATE: 37 Days - WGR 550
Nick Mendola writes a lengthy article about the Sabres most likely trade partners.

Force & Sully - Vancouver Canucks
Notice those guys dressed in green spandex last night harassing whatever unlucky Sabres player was in the penalty box? Well they have a story, and here it is.

The Sabres a top team midway….but why and how? - Sabre Noise
We all love our Sabres and we all know they have what most would consider a comfortable lead atop the northeast division at this point of the season. but how did they get there? Stats and analysis to follow.

Myers a rookie revelation for Sabres -
The Miami Herald writes its obligatory article about Tyler Myers.

Trade Deadline Playbook: Eastern Conference - TSN
Scott Cullen looks at the free agents and prospects for each team approaching the 2010 NHL Trade Deadline.

Trade Deadline Playbook: Western Conference - TSN
Scott Cullen takes a look at the free agents and prospects for each team approaching the 2010 NHL trade deadline.

Spector on NHL: Will Kaberle follow Souray? -
Now that Sheldon Souray has waived his no-trade, will Tomas Kaberle follow?

Flyers, Blues, Senators, Hurricanes, Penguins GMs manage change -
With the season flying by, managing change or affecting it is no small trick for general managers, especially in the salary cap era.