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Daily Links for Sunday, Jan. 24

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Apparently I'm still the only person on the planet who hasn't seen Avatar. I haven't had the time to see it yet, but am very interested in the 3D visuals since ESPN and the Discovery Channel have announced that they will start broadcasting select programming in 3D in this year. Now, I don't have $9,000 to blow on a 3D television, but even if I did, I don't really think I'd want to wear 3D glasses every time I turned it on, especially when the required glasses are not the plastic throw-away kind, but the $60 Venetian-blinds-on-your-face kind . We have an article after the break talking about the reality of sports in 3D - what do you all think?

Ruff hates to draw blanks during shootout - The Buffalo News
Lindy Ruff likes regulation losses about as much as invasive dental work. It seems shootout setbacks make the Buffalo Sabres' coach grind his teeth even more.

Returning to San Jose not easy for Grier - WGR 550
Both Mike Grier and Craig Rivet made their first returns to San Jose last night since playing for the Sharks.

The playoff push: 90+ points or bust - The Globe and Mail
Forecasting what it will take for all 30 NHL teams to make the playoffs this season. I think the Sabres are a pretty safe bet to make the playoffs according to these metrics.

ESPN’s producers go deep with 3D technology - On Sports And The Media
Can a 3D broadcast work for hockey, and will the technology ever be prevalent enough to matter?

Pens, Caps serve as lesson for draft dodgers - The Hockey News
Why are the Penguins and Capitals so good, asks Ken Campbell? Because of their excellent drafting ability (and the Sabres! Don't forget the Sabres!)

Las Vegas Wranglers will dress like Girl Scouts for ECHL game - Puck Daddy
Thanks to Gov. Rod Blagojevich Prison Uniform Night and the stripper-riffic "Over 18" Night, the ECHL Las Vegas Wranglers have shown a propensity for thinking outside the box for promotional ideas.