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Daily Links for Thursday, Jan. 21

The road trip continues tonight against the Los Angeles Kings, game time 10:30pm. The Kings are surprisingly competitive this season, but since we rarely visit them I thought I'd link to a few articles from King's blog Jewels From the Crown. They just got some new editors, so be sure to check them out!

Kings Decide to Lay Low; Sharks 5, Kings 1 - Jewels From The Crown
Since most of us aren't intimately familiar with the LA Kings, here's a recap from their last game. For a really nice articles about the most/least cost-effective players based on points (including Vanek) click here.

Sabres' Montador knows how to walk like a Duck - The Buffalo News
Steve Montador talks about how he learned to win and to believe in himself during his short stint with the Ducks.

Jaroslav Spacek’s "Bad" Season - Hockey or Die
I included this article before the break both because many people still have an interest in Spacek, and because I think it can help explain why some of the Sabres more offensive players may be having "disappointing" year.

SB Nation's Hockey Roundtable: The State Of The NHL, Part Two - SB Nation
Here's a continuation of the excellent hockey roundtable from SBN.

Taking a Beating: League Leaders in Getting Hit - Behind The Net
Which NHL players get hit the most often? Behind the Net explores, and talks about who has the best hit-to-being-hit ratio, with 3 Sabres on that end of the list.

Even The Stanley Cup Can Become Lost Baggage - SB Nation
Essentially, Air Canada lost this guy's baggage which unfortunately for them was the Cup. Air Canada rectified the situation and sent the Cup back to Vancouver but not after causing many, many headaches.