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Daily Links for Saturday, Jan. 16

The Buffalo Sabres take on the New York Islanders tonight, and as a special treat for us Sabres fans, the game will be broadcast in HD even though it's on the road (see second link.) Also, please please check after the break, because we've really got two must-read articles today that shed some light on sides of hockey that most of us aren't used to thinking about - and then there's an article about 'Jersey Shore' just to balance things out.

Nose to the grindstone - Sabres Edge
A quick report from practice today from Sabres Edge. For comments from Lindy Ruff about last night's game, click here

A lot of broadcasting info here including a few upcoming road games in HD, some of these next few games with non-Buffalo TV feeds, and replacement radio announcers for Jeanerette until Jan. 27.

Roy's the Man! - Buffalo Sabres
Erin Pollina tells us how Roy's clutch goal scoring stacks up against the rest of the NHL. (Spoiler alert: he stacks up nicely. Quite nicely.)

The Plight of the Female Fan: Fighting Stereotypes and Earning Respect - Pens Universe
A female fan responds to another woman who wore a wedding dress with a "Marry Me Sidney" sign at a recent Pens game. A thought-provoking, well-written article.

Inside player-referee relations - The Hockey News
The always outspoken Justin Bourne talks about how refs and players interact during games. Enlightening for a non-hockey player such as myself.

Video: MTV 'Jersey Shore' girls invade Kings game; Snooki talks - Puck Daddy
Whether or not you like MTV's 'Jersey Shore' or not, we can all agree that watching people make asses of themselves on television is fun.