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Daily Links for Tuesday, Jan. 12

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Only two more days until local professional hockey returns to our television sets - how are you handling the layoff? Are you, like Tyler Myers using this stretch to get some extra rest and time away from hockey, or like Thomas Vanek are you working on your skills, watching old game footage, and trying to regain your scoring touch?

Erin Pollina details the team's hard practice today and talks to some players and coaches about their four-day layoff before the big road trip.

Sabres grateful for some down time - The Buffalo News
Ruff and the boys talk about the four day break. Some think it's scary, but most are thankful.

Buffalo Sabres Team Report -
USA Today has a preview of the upcoming road trip as well as some stats from the win-streak.

Late penalties deserve penalty shots - The Hockey News
Ryan Kennedy wonders why there's no rule in place to discourage players from taking penalties right at the end of a game to stop a desperation scoring chance by the other team.

NHL Games Get Dirty Dirtier - Deadspin
A great photo from inside the net and more info on the laser pointer story from Deadspin, and Nashville coach Brent Sutter threatens to pull his team off the ice if it happens again when they play Vancouver.

Dion Phaneuf "sings" Piano Man - The Score
Dion Phaneuf drunk and singing Billy Joel's Piano Man at Aussie Rules in Calgary. Well, singing is probably a generous term.