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Morning Links: High Hopes for Tyler Myers

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I only have a couple of links to share wit you this morning.  Zach has another training camp profile ready for you later today and we will try to answer five burning questions about the Sabres season.  This should hold you over for a little while.

Sabres have high hopes for tall rookie Myers - NHL - Yahoo! Sports
I think we all know that the Sabres have high hopes for Tyler Myers. The big question is when those hopes will realized. Will it be this year or will he spend another year in Kelowna? It's an interesting read about the big guy.

Sabres, NHL locals work and play - NHL News - FOX Sports on MSN
It's still play time for NHL players but this weekend the play stops and the work begins.

Tuesday’s News of Hockey, 9/8/09: Ted Sator Back in Spotlight — in Hungary - Slap Shot Blog -
Ex-Sabres coach Ted Sator is now coaching in Hungary. Hungary? Seriously? I didn't even know they played hockey in Hungary. Wow how the mighty have fallen.

Balsillie offers Glendale $50 million
Balsillie offers Glendale $50 million, Jim Balsillie tries to eliminate city as an obstacle his bid would face at court auction of Coyotes.