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Morning Links: Prospects Report to Camp

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It's finally hockey season!  The Sabres rookies report to camp today while the rest of the team will start on Saturday.  After enjoying the holiday weekend we are back to regular programming this week.  That means the links will be back and we start to get i hockey mode. Zach has some great things planned for the next couple of weeks and I will fill in along the way. - The #1 Source On the Future Blue & Gold: Southorn stays in PEI as peers gear up
Bakes has a glimpse into what some of the prospects are doing before they come to camp. Unless Jordon Southorn has an amazing season, it looks like his Sabres career is over before it even starts. The Sabres are making a statement with Southorn but you have to wonder if they would do the same if it was Tyler Myers.

Coyotes Relocation Fee Could Be Up to $195 Million - Defending Big D
Jim Balsille just got serious. Is there anyway that the judge could rule in favor of the NHL despite Balsille bidding $100 million more than they have? This trial just got a little bit more interesting.

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Craig Custance writes that the Canes are close to trading away Anton Babchuk. He mentions three teams are interested but doesn't give any names. It would be nice to see him come to Buffalo but it's highly unlikely that the Sabres would make that move. | Hockey | Coyotes' Jerry Moyes says show me the money
Coyotes Owner Jerry Moyes wants the NHL to up its bid $80 million to bring it on par with Balsillie's bid.

Too dainty to hit - The Globe and Mail
Debate rages over bodychecking in women's hockey

Beer league
This article from the Ottawa Citizen takes a look at hockey and alcohol and the issues that it seems to be playing.

VOA News - White House 'Driveway' Hosts Hockey Players
Since pavement in front of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue closed to traffic, it has become venue for other activities

Mckenzie: Are the Maple Leafs Paving Way for Big Move
The Toronto Maple Leafs traded a 2011 second and third round pick for a 2010 second round pick so they would have the requisite amount of picks to be able to offer an offer sheet. The next question is who is the target.

In Ever-Shrinking N.H.L. Coverage, Even Islanders Are Cutting Back -
The Islanders financed a blog last season that focused on the team but had editorial independence. But the future of Islanders Point Blank is now uncertain.