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Weekend Links: Senators want more from Heatley and More

With the final long weekend of the summer, here are some links to tide us over as we wait for the Sabres to open camp next weekend.

Ice Edge CEO says bid alive, Coyotes auction nears - - The Ice Edge bid, the group from Saskatchewan, says that their bid is still in play heading into the Coyotes auction next week.

Canadian teams scramble as U.S. bans NHL charter flights - This is one of the craziest stories I've ever heard. What else could go wrong for the NHL this summer? I might try to put up a post that goes into more detail this weekend.

Players want more than talk from No. 15 - Each day, the group of Ottawa Senators taking part in the informal scrimmages at the Bell Sensplex

NHL says veto not Leafs' call | Hockey | Sports | Toronto Sun - If the Maple Leafs actually feel they have sole veto power to keep another franchise from locating in southern Ontario, guess again.