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Morning Links: Luongo is Signed Forever and Balsille Still in Limbo

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Pretty much the same old story today.  I'll have an original post up later today but until it's up this is your post to talk about whatever you want.

A lever over Luongo - The Globe and Mail
Another long contract that goes way beyond the age where Luongo will be a factor. When is the NHL going to be able to stop these contracts.

Judge puts Balsillie bid on hold again -
Still no decision on Balsille and his bid to buy the Coyotes. I wish something would happen soon because this story is starting to bore me.

Phoenix Coyotes sign Taylor Pyatt to a one-year contract - - 2009 NHL Offseason News
Taylor Pyatt has found a new home, he just doesn't know if that home is Phoenix or Hamilton.

Flames go retro on 30th anniversary -
Retro seems like the way to go for third jersey's in the NHL.