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Training Camp Profile: Jochen Hecht

From now until the season starts on October 3rd, we will take a look at the players making the squad and try to answer the main question that is going to be asked about them this season.  For now, we look at center Jochen Hecht.

Jochen Hecht last year was a player that was often criticized for his uninspiring play.  This season, he looks to make up for his career worst all-around season last year.  With a new attitude about this season and the reacquisition of Mike Grier, Hecht may be able to resurrect his game again.  

Mike Grier was a key member of the 2005-06 Sabres and the line combination of Drury-Grier-Hecht was a fairly productive line over that season.  Putting Grier and Hecht back together again will work for the Sabres because these two have that chemistry established and will play well together.    Hecht struggled many times last season and a fresh start and new teammates will snap Hecht out of his funk.  What Jochen needs is a quick start to erase last season out of his mind and out of the minds of Sabres fans. 

The Sabres need Hecht to have a good season this season due to the lack of production at times that the Sabres faced last season.  With a condensed schedule and the schedule that progressively gets harder as the season progresses, the Sabres need to figure out a way to gain all of the points they can early and often.  Hecht can be a key part of that because of the way that the projected lines look, Hecht's third line of Grier, Hecht and Gaustad will create some opportunities and they need to be able to capitalize on those opportunities.