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Sabres Score Three in Second, Hang on for Win

The wins and losses don't mean a whole lot in the pre-season.  As much as I say that out loud, I still like winning more than losing.  The Sabres are building an important foundation for the season right now.  The players on the ice will still change before the season starts but the winning menatlity will hopefully remain.

The Sabres have won three games in the pre-season.  They came from behind to beat the Red Wings on Saturday ad they held on to wins against Washington and against Toronto tonight. 

The Sabres scored three times in the second period to take a 3-1 lead after 40 minutes.  The Leafs cut the lead to one goal just 1:34 into the third period.  The Sabres teams of the past couple of seasons  would have crumbled and lost the game but tonight was different.  The Sabres were outshot 10-2 in the third but it didn't feel like they were thoroughly outplayed, it didn't even feel like they were sitting back.  I especially liked the way they played when the Toronto net was empty, this was a problem area for this team the past couple seasons.

The Good
  • I really liked the play of Philip Gogulla.  He was very decisive with the puck and he has great vision.  I wouldn't label him as a physical player but he isn't afraid to use his size to help him in the corners.  I'm not advocating he stay with the Sabres this season but he will be a NHL player before any of us expect him to be.
  • Tim Kennedy did some nice things on the ice but he was mostly invisible.  It's nice to see a young player not make huge mistakes but if he doesn't stand out he should probably start in Portland.
  • Tyler Myers looked a lot better than he did last Thursday.  He made a couple of really nice plays and I thought he got a raw deal on the Tlusty penalty shot call.  I never seen a player that is so good with their stick, combine that with his reach and you have a dangerous player.
  • Ryan Miller looked good again.  He will probably play again on Saturday against the Canadiens and sit the final pre-season game.
 The Bad
  • Giving up a quick goal in the third period was a definite draw back.
  • Being outshot 10-2 in the final period.  The Sabres looked pretty good but they needed to apply just a bit more pressure.

The Sabres will be back in action on Saturday against Montreal.  I will be at a wedding so I will be relying on updates in the game thread to keep me posted.