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Training Camp Profile: Andrej Sekera

From now until the season starts on October 3rd, we will take a look at the players making the squad and try to answer the main question that is going to be asked about them this season.  For now, we look at center Andrej Sekera

Andrej Sekera burst onto the scene during the 2007-08 season due to a handful of injuries that happened that season and hasn't come out of the lineup since.  Sekera had 19 points in his first full season and suffered from those rookie mistakes that make a fan want to beat their head against a counter repeatedly.  Sekera now has the chance to show that his game has improved since last season.  Will Andrej Sekera step up to the plate and be a better defenseman or regress after last season?

Andrej Sekera is a young defenseman who could turn into a top four defenseman or could become an AHLer.  He makes his fair share of good plays and makes his fair share of dumb ones as well.  He was paired with Jaroslav Spacek for most of the season last year, but since Spacek has left for Montreal the defensive pairs are still undetermined.  That means that some of the progress that Sekera had last season could be regressed with a new partner.  

Sekera will be a good defenseman in the NHL whether it be with the Sabres or another team.  This season's play will depend really on who Sekera is paired with and how much he has progressed in the offseason.  Sekera should have a good season but stranger things have happened.