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Morning Links: Sabres Preview and TBN Look at Vanek

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With training camp underway there will be more Buffalo Sabres links coming your way.  It was difficult to find Sabres news throughout the summer; we had a hard enough time finding hockey news (that wasn't about Heatley or Phoenix).  We are going to try to break the links up into Buffalo Sabres links and NHL/Other links.  This will be the first try at it so let me know what you think.

Sabres Links

Vanek poised to become part of NHL's elite : Sports : The Buffalo News

30 Teams in 30 Days: Sabres look to be rewarded this season

Hockey Links

ESPN pioneer bemoans lack of hockey - The Globe and Mail

Two goalies at opposite ends of careers battling for backup job with Canucks - - News

More pictures of the new third jersey! - On the Forecheck

The Morning After: Heatley Out, Michalek/Cheechoo In - Silver Seven