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Sabres Sign Stafford to Two-Year Deal

The Buffalo Sabres and GM Darcy Regier announced this morning that they had signed restricted free agent forward Drew Stafford.  Stafford signed a two year contract which allows the Sabres to have him locked down next year.  It was my belief that the term was always the hold up in this contract and money was never an issue.  The Buffalo Sabres did not give all the contract details.

[Note by David Oleksy, 09/13/09 3:03 PM EDT ]  The Contract is a very cap-friendly one for the Sabres.  The Buffalo News is reporting that the contract is $4 million over two years.  He will cost the Sabres $1.5 million this season and $2.5 million next season.  After seeing the numbers I understand why Stafford would only want to sign for two-years.