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The New

Today the SBNation homepage got a massive facelift today changing itself from the directory of blogs that it was to an everchanging source of news that it has become.  The main feature of the site is something called Storystreams which will keep you updated with a constant stream of links and commentary based on one specific story.  On top of that, you can stay updated with the scores at the top of the screen and hop into all of the game threads that are going on with each game.  Each stream gives you the opportunity to comment on all of the stories going on the same way as our blogs.

SBNation CEO Jim Bankoff explains the front page much better than I can here.  If you guys haven't noticed in the past few days, both Dave and my profiles have changed.  The reason for this is both of us are NHL editors on the site and we will be contributing their as well as here.  So please join the discussion and keep the NHL page as vibrant as you guys keep our page.