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Morning Links: Sabres Open Thread

I thought we would try to do something a little bit different today.  When the season begins we have an open thread for every Buffalo Sabres game and today we'll take a test run.  This is your thread to talk about the Buffalo Sabres.  There is nothing off limits as long as it follows our Community Guidelines.  I want to know what is on your mind in regards to the Sabres.

Sabres Edge: Too many forwards, not enough spots
Another failed attempt at picking the lines for the Buffalo Sabres. It would be a huge mistake to bring up Gerbe and Kennedy to start the season. Not only that but if you trade away C-Mac and Paille who plays in case of injury? I would hope that somebody that is well connected would do some research on the youngsters from Portland and not just assume they are ready.

Blue & Gold (of Buffalo): Remembering Afinogenov
Another post about Max Afinogenov. For a guy that was bashed publicly more than any other Buffalo Sabres player he has received his accolades from Sabres bloggers this summer.

Top Shelf: Hockey Is Officially In the Air
As long as we are talking about TBN I figured we pile on this piece of garbage. Heather has a refreshing look at the story on Sunday.

5 players participate in informal skate today at Ristuccia - Stanley Cup of Chowder
Stanley Cup of Chowder mentions that some Bruins are taking informal skates at a local rink. I mention this because the Sabres players do the same at Pepsi Center. Unfortunately I can't make it out there so I will rely on you to give us some updates.