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Morning Links: John Tavares Introduced on Long Island

With the offseason news starting to slow down and Sabres development camp still going on at Dwyer Arena here is a quick look at some of the news for the day.

Toronto vs. Dallas: For Gustavsson, Never a Hard Choice - Slap Shot Blog - - Did Stars fans really think that the star Swedish goalie would pick their financially troubled team over the Leafs?

The folly of sports fandom - One of the better looks at hockey fandom I've read ever.  A good article to sit down and digest. 

The Hockey News: Ryan Kennedy's blog: Blog: Beasts of the Northeast - Ryan Kennedy takes a look at a main reason on why the Sabres might have a issue getting out of their own division.

Did Philadelphia Screw Up Chris Pronger's Contract Extension? -- NHL FanHouse - The Flyers may have misinterpreted the CBA when they signed Pronger to an extension that could cost them in the long run. 

The Hockey News: Top 10: THN Top 10: Worst UFA contracts - A look at the worst signings in this free agency period. And people complain about Darcy doing nothing during the first week

John Tavares Meets Long Island -- NHL FanHouse - The Islanders formally introduced first overall pick John Tavares to the media and fans yesterday.