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Myers and Weber Shine at Prospect Camp

I was not sure what to expect at my first trip to Buffalo Sabres prospect camp.  I came away with a pretty good feeling about a couple of players.   Before getting too excited about what I seen let's remember that these players have all been with the Sabres for less than five years and only Chris Butler has seen considerable time in the NHL.

The stars of the day were Tyler Myers and Mike Weber.  They played along side one another in the two-on-two drills and they had the boards rattling with their physical play.  After the first couple of shifts there were players that were actually playing not to get hit and losing the puck because of it.  Myers played a physical style but his best asset was his quick stick and long reach; on a couple of occasions he was able to use his reach to take the puck away.

There were other players that stood out from the rest of the pack as well.  Some for their good play and others that weren't so impressive.  Follow the jump to see my observations from Tuesday's practice.  Keep in mind that there were two rinks and I was only able to watch one at a time, therefore I didn't get to see every player.

Luke Adam -  Great skater, stil needs to work on his skills

Chris DeSousa -  he was obviously over-matched by the talented players on the ice.

Nathan Gerbe -  Seeing him live you get a true appreciation for how tiny he is.  Despite his size he always finds open ice and makes things happen offensively.

Phillip Gogulla -  Finally get atrue appreciation for his talent.  He is a good skater and has pretty good hands as well.  He has some pretty good potential in the near future.

Justin Jokinen -  He wasn't overly impressive.  He made a ton of mistakes and needs to really work on his hands.

Tim Kennedy -  Still needs to work on his skills but showed offensive talent.

Maxime Legault -  I was blown away by his speed.  I had no idea that he was such a good skater.

Corey Tropp -  This kid could be a real good player someday.

Travis Turnbull -  There is no quit in his game, he works extremely hard on every play.

Mark Adams -  Looked good in the 1-on-1 drills but as the drills picked up in intensity his inexperience was obvious.

Chris Butler -  He was solid...did you expect anything else?

Corey Fienhage -  played aggressive in front of the net, wasn't afraid to take the body.  He still needs to work on his positioning.

Mike Kostka -  I was impressed with his defensive play.

Tyler Myers -  Played physical and showed some offensive talent from the point position.

Mike Weber -  The most physical player on the ice the entire day.

Jhonas Entroth -  Solid in goal.  He showed a quick glove and the ability to smother pucks with very few rebounds.


Overall it was great experience and I look forwar to going back tomorrow.  If you were there I would love to hear your thoughts on the prospects.