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Morning Links: Crosby does Good Deed and Cooke is not to Blame

A couple of real interesting stories headline the morning links today.  There are plenty of people that don't like Sidney Crosby but maybe they will change their mind after today.  Speaking of Sidney Crosby, do you ever wonder what the Sabres would be like if they drafted first that year?  Would the Sabres have won a Stanley Cup? 

Before I get to the links I wanted to remind you that tonight is Friday Night Fights.  I still haven't found this weeks fight but it will be another good one. | Sports | Sid the Kid scores one for Timmy's
Anyone who doesn't like Sidney Crosby should read this story. Crosby seems like he is very down to earth and he is still just a kid.

Matt Cooke cares not for poorly planned parades - 7-30-09 - Empty Netters -
This is one of the funniest stories I have ever read. Why are politicians so dumb?

Brendan Shanahan will make the call as to whether he returns to New Jersey Devils - New Jersey Devils -
The New Jersey Devils would like to have Brendan Shanahan back but are waiting to hear if he wants to play there. If he doesn't stay in New Jersey I'm not really sure where he fits in I hope the Sabres aren't entertaining thoughts of signing him. - 30 in 30:, NHL Network cover 30 teams in 30 days - 07/30/2009 and NHL Network are going to feature one team every day during the month of August. Sabres fans won't have to wait very long to see what they will do for the Sabres because they are scheduled to be featured on Tuesday August 4.

Free agents twisting in the wind - From The Rink
Agents feel there may be collusion going on in free agency this off-season given all the players unsigned

Moyes challenges Reinsdorf's bid for Coyotes - NHL - Hockey
Should we have expected anything less in this case? I still feel bad for Coyotes fans but I am getting truly sick of talking about this situation. I still think it would be fun to have a team in Hamilton but I wish that Balsille would just go away.

KuklasKorner : The Confluence : Four years later, are the Penguins still in Pittsburgh if they drafted second in ‘05 ?