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Morning Links: Sabres a Playoff Team in 2010?

I'm working on a post that will share my feelings on the current makeup of the team and what the Sabres might need to make them a better team.  While you wait for that post to go up at a later time I have a few links that can pass the time for you.

With a little help, Kings finally have playoff look - Craig Custance - NHL - Sporting News
3. Buffalo Sabres: Last season: 41-32-9 (91 points). Key additions: None. Playoff prospects: Promising. While we didn't like Buffalo's quiet offseason, there's still enough homegrown talent with the Sabres to make a playoff push. A healthy goalie Ryan Miller is a difference-maker for the Sabres. Craig Custance thinks the Sabres will be a playoff team and so do I. We still have a lot of summer days to kill but as the summer moves on you get an idea as to my thought process regarding this team.

Northeast offseasons: Start with an 'A' for B's - NHL - Hockey
Seems so long ago now that Buffalo has missed the last two playoffs, doesn't it? Lately, the Sabres have reverted back to their old form, defining themselves again as a small-market team that struggles to put together enough talent to be more than a playoff bubble team. Have the Sabres really defined themselves as a small market team? I know they have a self-imposed salary cap but at the moment they are over that cap. They have committed long term to players they felt were worthy of long contracts. I think because they don't spend foolishly like other teams do (Montreal Canadiens), they are considered to be a small market team.

The Vancouver 2010 Olympic Store - From The Rink
This is a reminder that Olympic Hockey is not that far away. There is plenty of debate on whether the NHL players should play in the Olympics and I feel they should. Any chance to see the greatest players in the world play hockey and represent their country is worth doing.

Discussing Journalism and New Media with Mike Heika, Bob Sturm and Greg Wyshynski - Part Two - Defending Big D
This is part two to the piece about bloggers that ran on Defending Big D.

To surprise of no one, NHL rejects Balsillie, approves Reinsdorf - Puck Dad... - NHL - Yahoo! Sports
To surprise of no one, NHL rejects Balsillie, approves Reinsdorf Related: Phoenix Coyotes