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Morning Links: Coyotes losses Revealed

Who could have possibly imagined that the Phoenix Coyotes had lost the amount of money we seen today.  How can anyone in their right mind think they can turn that franchise around.  Sure there was plenty of mismanagement but that franchise is a mess.

Calculating the Coyotes' $67-million 'loss' - From The Rink
Mirtle takes a look at the Coyotes financial what a mess.

The Best Goalies Since The Lockout - The Copper & Blue
Too bad they didn't write this post before the Sabres signed Ryan Miller to a contract paying him $6.25 million a season. A goalie in his group should be a $4.5 million goalie. Oh well at least he lived up to his contract last season.

Discussing Journalism and New Media with Mike Heika, Bob Sturm and Greg Wyshynski of Yahoo!'s Puck Daddy - Defending Big D
Defending Big D sits down with Mike Heika, Bob Sturm and Greg Wyshynsk of Yahoo!'s Puck Daddy to discuss the changing landscape of sports journalism. - Hockey Hall of Fame: LeClair, Amonte, Barrasso lead '09 class for U.S. Hall - 07/28/2009
"I trained with the 1983 U.S. Olympic team right out of high school (in August of '83) and that was an experience that prepared me for NHL training camp and propelled me to the success I had my rookie year," Barrasso said. "I don't have the slightest idea how I was able to have that success not having played at that level previously, but I'm most proud of the fact I came right out of high school was able to play with grown men. It was an amazing experience and the stories I have are ones I'll cherish forever." Barrasso was amazing in is rookie year with the Sabres, unfortunately he went on to win a Cup in Pittsburgh and we continue to wait for a Cup in Buffalo.

Cole Harbour set to hoist Sid's Cup -
Sid is already a hero in his hometown and he still doesn't live on his own.

Wings sign veteran defenseman Delmore to 1-year contract - NHL - Hockey
Andy Delmore? That guy is still playing hockey? He was terrible when he played for the Sabres and somehow he is still hanging around.

KuklasKorner : Hockey
They have to sell tickets in L.A. somehow...this should help!