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Morning Links: Buffalo Sports Fans Are Loyal

I find it amazing that there is always something to talk about even when there isn't a whole lot going on.  I have to agree with Mike Harrington about the loyalty of Buffalo sports fans.  Take a look at what I am talking about.

Harrington: Fan loyalty remains a constant : Sports : The Buffalo News
Is this the best time in ages to be a Buffalo sports fan? Or is it the worst? Depends on your view. The Bills and Sabres remain tough to stomach but the performances by the fans have never been better. That is just some of what you can expect in this excellent piece by Mike Harrington. This is another must read, especially if you are a Buffalo sports fan.

The Worst of Sporting Times |
Bflo Blog expands further on the Harrington piece from today.

Buffalo Sabres: The Official Web Site
The Buffalo Sabres followed what many of the NHL teams are doing and conformed to the new NHL website design. Call me crazy but I like it. I think it looks good.

If There Were Real News To Dissect, I Would | The Goose's Roost
Ryan at the Roost shares his thoughts on the new Sabres website.

KuklasKorner : An Embarrassing Chapter In NHL History
This is a must about the way that Boots Del Baggio became involved in the NHL.

Burke wants scrutiny on 'lifetime' deals; should they be outlawed? - Puck D... - NHL - Yahoo! Sports
I don't agree with Brian Burke very often but he is 100% right in this instance. The lifetime deals are nothing more than cheating and they need to be outlawed in the NHL.