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Morning Links: Another Bid for Coyotes; Prospects Stay Busy

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I love summer as much as the next guy but man is it exhausting.  I used to be able to hit the beer tent and be ready to go again the next day, now I think I need a week to recover.  I have a few links for you to enjoy this morning and a more substantial post that I am working on for later this evening.  As always we will be posting any breaking news that may happen.

Former RIM executive bids on Coyotes - The Globe and Mail
If nothing else, this is a strange twist in the Phoenix Coyotes saga that has been happening this summer. I am one of the people that think another team in Southern Ontario is inevitable but it doesn't make a lot of sense for that team to be the Coyotes.

Is the restricted free-agent offer sheet becoming extinct? - Puck Daddy - NHL - Yahoo! Sports
This is especially interesting to us regarding a recent discussions on Drew Stafford. If the RFA offer sheet is indeed extinct it would mean that the Sabres are competing with nobody but themselves. Stafford can either accept the Sabres offer or sit out the season; I'm sure he isn't prepared to sit out the season. - The #1 Source On the Future Blue & Gold: Mid-summer heats up as 2009-10 looms
Bakes gives us the lowdown on all the Sabres Prospects and their plans for the summer.