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Morning Links: Sykora Not Upset With Bylsma; Kaberle to Stay With Leafs

I have been thinking we had already hit the summer slow seasons but I can't help but think that this will be a long summer.  How long until hockey season starts?  There is still plenty of hockey news to talk about but it doesn't replace watching an actual game on TV.  Here some links to help you through another long summer day.

Very Boring Times " The Willful Caboose
It's kind of funny...I was staring a blank screen trying to fid some inspiration to write and I came across this post from Katebits...pretty much says it all!

Sabres Edge: Getting a line on Sabres
What is the Sabres biggest need? I would like to see a puck moving defenseman and a third line winger.

TSN - Kaberle Likely to Remain With Leafs
It looks like Tomas Kaberle is going to remain a member of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Where does he fit with the acquisitions of Komisarek and Beauchamin?

Agent debunks Sykora-Bylsma rift - From The Rink
This is the never ending story. I wouldn't like the coach if I was benched either...end of story.

Pirates in search of new play-by-play " Maine Hockey Journal
It's awfully close to the season for this to happen. The applicants for a job of this nature will be plentiful so they'll have a replacement in a couple of weeks.

Why NHL coaches and GMs can easily escape their contracts - Jim Kelley -
Is there a double standard in the NHL when it comes to contracts? There is definitely a double standard but what choice does management have? Are they going to keep a coach or GM in a position he doesn't want to be in?