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Morning Links : Gerber and Kalinin Head to the KHL

Dmitri Kalinin is finally out of the NHL.  The move is about three years too last but he is finally done in the NHL.  He isn't the only player that is headed across the pond.  Martin Gerber has followed him to the KHL.

Gerber signs with KHL club - From The Rink
Dmitri Kalinin is not the only player that had to go to Russia to find work.

Dmitri Kalinin Finally Leaves the NHL | Double Edged Sabres
This is a move that is long overdue. I couldn't believe that he signed the contract he did last season.

Report: Hossa could be out until December with bum shoulder - Puck Daddy - NHL - Yahoo! Sports
This is terrible news for the Chicago Blackhawks. They just signed him to a huge deal and now he could miss a lot of time.

Buffalo Sabres - News: SABRES CAP SEASON TICKETS AT 14,825 FOR '09-10 SEASON - 07/21/2009
People are still flocking to Sabres games despite the lack of success the last two seasons. It's amazing how much pride the people in Buffalo have for their sports teams.

NHLPA protests Olympics summer camps, more NHL notes - Allan Muir -
Here is an argument we haven't heard yet and the one that makes the most sense. The NHL would rather not play in the Olympics anyway so if the PA want it's players to participate than they should pony up and pay for the insurance.

Game Tipped to Draw 76,000 Opens Schedule for 2010 Worlds - Slap Shot Blog -
This will draw attention to the IIHF World Championships next season. Let's hope that we don't have to follow any Sabres players in that tournament next season. .