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Morning Links : ESPN Pushing the Local Media

The Buffalo Sabres signed two of their restricted free agents on Monday but they still have Drew Stafford to deal with.  After they sign Stafford they will probably have to move some salary so the summer could get interesting.  The teams might not have their rosters set but that doesn't mean that we can't start predicting the 2009-2010 season.

The 2009-10 NHL Season: Early Predictions - From The Rink
It's never too early for predictions.

Print media and hockey: Off the road, out of hands of young fans - Puck Dad... - NHL - Yahoo! Sports
ESPN has spurred the conversation on Newspapers versus the new media. This is a great take with plenty of links to catch up on the story.

Well, What Did I Say? | Double Edged Sabres
Vance is right on the money with his predictions on the Sabres restricted free agents.

Crosby to play street hockey for the Cup - Shorthanded Breakaway
I think we all played street hockey for the cup before but as he said "we never had the real one". Just another reason to be jealous of Sidney Crosby.

German ice hockey team readies for Olympics sans NHL players | Sports | Reuters
BERLIN (Reuters) - Germany's ice hockey team launched their preparations for next year's Vancouver Winter Olympics without any of the players active in the National Hockey League (NHL), the national federation