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2008-2009 Report Cards: The Final Grades

Over the past couple of months we did a complete breakdown of every single player.  This was not an exact science but rather a poll that was conducted on the site to see how you felt about the players on this team.  The rankings turned out similar to what you might expect with a couple of mild surprises. 

Tim Connolly is the but of many jokes and is often thought of as being overpaid but he had one of the highest rankings on the team.  I guess you can appreciate talent and look past the injuries.  Is it fair to assume that we all think that Connolly is an extremely talented player but we get frustrated because he spends more time off the ice than he does on it?

Chris Butler had a breakout season and surprised many of us but was he one of the top three players on the team?  He probably wasn't but we based the rankings off of what we expected from the player before the season.  Nobody thought that Butler would spend the majority of the season with the Sabres and have the impact that he did.

For all the rankings folow the jump.

Rank Player Grade
1 Ryan Miller A-
2 Thomas Vanek B+
3 Chris Butler B+
4 Paul Gaustad B 
5 Patrick Kaleta B
6 Derek Roy B
7 Tim Connolly B
8 Jaroslav Spacek B
9 Matt Ellis B-
10 Clarke MacArthur B-
11 Craig Rivet B-
12 Drew Stafford B-
13 Adam Mair C+
14 Teppo Numminen C 
15 Nathan Paetsch C
16 Daniel Paille C
17 Jason Pominville C
18 Andrej Sekera C
19 Toni Lydman C-
20 Patrick Lalime D+
21 Andrew Peters D+
22 Henrik Tallinder D+
23 Maxim Afiogenov D 
24 Dominic Moore D
25 Jochen Hecht D-


I would love to hear what everyone has to say about the final rankings. Is it what you expected or did we miss on some players? Comment away so we can finally close out another disappointing season.