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Morning Links: Buffalo Sabres Release Schedule

I am a big fan of the day the NHL releases their schedule and that day was yesterday.  I sit and study the schedule for hours looking for something I might of missed.  There are good points and bad points of every schedule but fans will always think their team has the worst schedule.  Sabres fans do have some reason to complain with two games against the Detroit Red Wings for the second consecutive season.

Sabres Edge: Quick schedule impressions

Bangin Panger: Why Versus Coverage Beats NBC's in my Book
Not many people like the coverage provided by Versus but here is a ringing endorsement for Versus.

Sports Blogging: It's all about the attitude... - On the Forecheck
Penn State University recently released the results of a survey conducted with over 200 independent sports bloggers, to get a picture of who they are, what motivates them, and what they believe sets them apart from the traditional media - Columns: Twitter gets you news fast, but be wary of Twits - 07/15/2009
Paul Kukla takes a look at the way Twitter has changed the way people get their hockey news. Like Paul, I'm not sure I should tell you that I Twitter but I do.

TSN - Blackhawks Situation Discussed
Marti Havlat has been vocal since he left Chicago but he has become even more vocal after the firing of Dale Tallon.

Frei: Charity gets Drury work ethic - The Denver Post
DRury is set to win the home run derby. Yep, I said the home run derby.