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Morning Links: Lindy Sending the Wrong Message?

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It's another short version of the morning links.  I'll more later including the Sabres schedule that will come out later today.

Ruff sends wrong message : Sports : The Buffalo News
Once again Bucky Gleason is telling us what the fans think. When was the last time that Bucky was actually a fan?

Comparing Our RFA’s To Some Under Contract | Double Edged Sabres
We've got 5, count 'em, 5 restricted free agents that we have yet to sign: Drew Stafford, Clarke MacArthur, Andrej Sekera, Pat Kaleta, and Mark Mancari.

Sabres Edge: Schedule alerts: Caps coming in preseason
The schedule is finally starting to take shape.

Bangin Panger: What Didn't Just Happen In Buffalo?
Bangin Panger takes a look at the Sabres off-season or lack of an off-season.

Meet The New Boss.... - Second City Hockey
A rant about the firing of Dale Tallon