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Morning Links: Canadiens and Capitals to Meet at Olympic Stadium?

I'm mailing it in with the Morning Links today.  There may only be a few links but this may be the most interestig links to date.  I highly recommend every one of these links which should fill up a good portion of your morning.

Gleason: Foligno's inspiration is his mom : Sports : The Buffalo News
A very nice piece by Bucky Gleason in the Buffalo News.

Capitals to Face Canadiens at Olympic Stadium? - Japers' Rink
Could the Capitals and Canadiens be playing a game at Olympic Stadium in November?

Where does Bettman's salary rank among sports bosses, players? - Puck Daddy... - NHL - Yahoo! Sports
His salary seems to be in line with the other commissioners but people will still complain about it.

What We Learned: Boston's Winter Classic will be interesting - Puck Daddy - NHL - Yahoo! Sports
This is an interesting twist to the Winter Classic this year. I can't imagine that this is the ideal set up for the outdoor game.

Cycle like the Sedins: What if the NHL instituted a luxury tax?
Put on your thinking caps to figure this out. Could this actually work in the NHL?

Coyotes deposition request denied -
Jerry Reinsdorf and his partners won't be subjected to questioning by lawyers for team owner Jerry Moyes as they work to put together a bid to buy the Phoenix Coyotes in U.S. Bankruptcy Court.