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Morning Links: Martin Biron Still Unemployed and Daniel Paille Under-Appreciated

It's been awful slow around these parts lately and I apologize.  Things will start picking up now with some off-season content.  It's already been a long off-season for Sabres fans and we still have two months before training camp begins.  After attending two days of the prospect camp I am itching to get real hockey. 

If you have never seen Thomas Vanek's website I recommend it.  I have two links to an interview he did while in Austria.  It's a great piece and a must read.

Summertalk with Tom - part 1: #26 Thomas VANEK

Summertalk with Tom - Part 2: #26 Thomas VANEK

Overlooked and Underrated: Daniel Paille | The Hockey Writers
A really good piece on Danile Paille. I have been saying this about Paille for quite sometime. I would still like him to be more consistent but I still think he can be a really good player in the NHL.

Joe DiPenta -
Joe DiPenta stats, bio and news

NHL Teams Hunt for Talent in a Frenzied Bazaar -
A different way to gauge a players importance to their team. It looks like the Sabres might miss Spacek more than I anticipated.

Hockey's money bummers: cap drop, pending CBA headaches - Puck Daddy - NHL - Yahoo! Sports
Wyshynski takes a look at the possible issues that could pop up heading into next year's offseason and the new CBA in 2012.

Daily Record - Local news serving Ellensburg, Cle Elum, Roslyn, Thorp, Kittitas, Vantage, South Cle Elum, Easton, Snoqualmie and Suncadia
This could be an entirely new perspective to NCAA sports including hockey. I look for more of this type of thing in the very near future.

The Hockey News: Brian Costello's blog: Blog: Very few NHL goaltender openings remain
It's sad to see Martin Biron unemployed but it is also reality. I don't see a spot for him in the NHL unless he is willing to play for $1 million or less. It's sad because he is a better goalie than many of the backups in the league but he wants too much money.

Blue Jackets Xtra : Blue Jackets wait for trade opportunities
Maybe the Blue Jackets can be a partner for the Sabres to trade with. The Sabres have plenty of defensemen to offer, the question is...who wants them?