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NHL Free Agency: Open Thread

It's likely that the Sabres will do absolutely nothing on the first day of free agency but that doesn't mean that it's not the most entertaining day in hockey.  This will be the place for Sabres fans to talk about the free agents that are signed by all the teams.

The Sabres may not do anything but we may see some of the Sabres free agents snagged by other teams.  Today cold be the end of the Jaro Spacek era in Buffalo.   There are a few tings that I am interested to see as the day plays out.

  1. Will Jaroslav Spacek get a contract from another team?
  2. Will there be any interest in Max Afinogenov?
  3. Where will Ales Kotalik be playing next season?
  4. Will the Sabres be involved in any signings?

I had planned a what the Northeast Division looks like now post this morning but decided to scrap it after selfish Dany Heatley decided not to waive his no-trade clause.  Is there an team that really wants Heatley now?  I would say no but I bet there is someone dumb enough to take him.  There is still the Gomez to the Habs trade to talk about.  We'll wait till tomorrow. has a nifty free agent tracker to follow all the players that are signed throughout the day and throughout all of free agency.

I fully expect that Twitter will be important for breaking news today as well.  If you don't already follow Die by the Blade please follow us now.

This post will be updated with any breaking news after the jump.

Here is a link to a spreadsheet that I plan to update as the signings are made.  I took the information from this site.

{Update 11:43 am}  The first signing of the day apears to be done. is reporting that the Sedin's have re-signed with the Vancouver Canucks for five years and $30.5 million.  This signing changes the strategy of some teams as free agency begins in about 17 minutes.

{Update 1:03 pm}  Mattias Ohlund signs with the Tampa Bay Lightning for 7 years and $24.5 million.

{Update 1:48 pm}  David Booth Re-signs with the Florida Panthers 6 years and $25 million.

{Update 2:10 pm}  Marian Hossa signs with the Chicago Blackhawks 12 years for $62.4 million.