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Morning Links: Heatley Stays and Gomez Heads North

The eve of free agency was one of the most exciting in recent memory.  I'm not sure that today could live up to what we seen today.  The Sabres figure to be quiet today but I have my fingers crossed.

Dany Heatley Traded to Edmonton for Cogliano, Penner and Smid - The Copper & Blue
Dany Heatley is, according to Sportnset, now a member of the Edmonton Oilers. Mixed feelings is the right descriptor for my mood right now.

Report: Heatley Refuses To Waive No-Trade Clause - The Copper & Blue
I guess not!

Chris Higgins Traded To New York Rangers For Scott Gomez - Habs Eyes On The Prize
Robert is not happy about the Gomez trade and it seems like he shares the sentiment of most if not all Habs fans. As a Sabres fan I like the deal...what do you think?

Daniel Briere, Wade Redden among NHL cap era free agent disasters - Michael Farber -
Anyone else find it interesting that there are four ex-Sabres on the list? Does this list give Darcy Regier some vindication for making the moves that he made?

Red Light District: 'Off-Season Central': PREDICTIONS!
In the Red Light District Final predictions they suggest that the Sabres will sign Brian Gionta. What do you think the chances are that Brian Gionta is in Buffalo next season? - News: Free-agent Frenzy on NHL Network-US - 06/30/2009
I know where I will be from 2-6 tomorrow afternoon. Where will you be?