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NHL Draft: A Blogger with a Press Pass

The discussion of the traditional media versus the new media is not a new one and I would guess that it will not end anytime soon either.  In fact Frank from can tell you just how big of a deal this discussion is.  Until this point I chose to stay out of the discussion because I felt it was impossible to be impartial as part of the new media.  I felt the discussion was better suited for people that were not directly involved.

There has been talk recently about how the lines between the traditional media and new media have become blurred and never were they more blurred than this weekend in Montreal.  As you may or may not know already, the NHL granted myself and seven other SB Nation bloggers full media credentials.  We weren't the only bloggers that were granted access there was a large mixture of people among the press.

I wasn't sure what to expect at the NHL draft because it was my first time at an NHL event as a member of the press.  It was with uncertainty that I approached Mike Gilbert (Buffalo Sabres PR Director) and John Vogl (writer for The Buffalo News) to introduce myself.  After all I am a blogger and that may be threatening to the traditional media.  I can say that both gentlemen were very kind and both offered to help me with anything I needed. 

The truth his that the lines between traditional media and new media should no longer be blurred.  After my experiences this weekend I can say that the lines are now more clear than ever.  There is room for both the traditional media and the new media at every event.  The traditional media should continue to do what they do best, give us the news.  The new media should continue to be more of a fan perspective and the voice of the fans.  If handled properly there is room for both the traditional media and the new media in press boxes, interview rooms and other events throughout the country.

This was a great experience for myself and all the other SB Nation bloggers who gained unprecedented access.  n a personal level it was great.  Of course when it's over there are immediately some regrets.  Why did I do that?  Why didn't I do this?  It was a great learning experience for me and opportunity to learn from my mistakes.  I fully anticipate the that this will not be the only time that bloggers are allowed access to a large event like this.  It may take some time but eventually there will be full access for the new media if handled properly.

It makes sense for the major sports leagues to allow this access.  It allows them to be featured front and center not only in pront but on the web.  It also gives the fans a voice in the organization but it is done in a professioal manor.  Not every fan or blogger for that matter, should be granted access but there has to be a scenario that would be beneficial to both parties.

I'm not sure when it will happen but it will happen mark my words.  The biggest factor is that blogs are here to stay and there is no choice but to accept it.