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Morning Links: June 9

The Bankruptcy case for the Phoenix Coyotes is at the forefront but there is also a pretty big hockey game to be played in Pittsburgh tonight.  Here are some links to start your day on what could be the last day of hockey in the 2008-2009 season.

The Rink Links: June 8 - From The Rink
Some great links regarding the situation in Phoenix and the possible move to Hamilton.

American viewers are tuning in - From The Rink
Mirtle takes a look at the American viewer ratings for the Stanley Cup. He raises some really good points regarding the people who aren't watching the games.

Sabre rattling: Buffalo wary of Hamilton team
The Buffalo Sabres in their history have twice been edged out of a championship by American clubs, but the possibility of a new Ontario club could be their greatest NHL challenge.

Buffalo Sabres - News: PIRATES TO RETURN AT HSBC ARENA - 06/08/2009
I talked about this a couple of days ago as well but now it was announced that they will play two games at the HSBC Arena. It's always fun to see the future Sabres play in the HSBC Arena.

No staff changes expected from Canes - Carolina Hurricanes - News & Observer
The Carolina Hurricanes aren't planning on making any staff changes next season.

Sabres Edge: Report: Flyers choose Emery over Biron
This has been rumored for about a week but now it seems official. The big question is regarding Martin Biron. Where will he be playing next season? Will he get another chance to be a starter?