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Jason Pominville: 2008-2009 Report Card

It's time to put the finishing touches on the 2008-2009 season for the Buffalo Sabres. Here is a complete report card of every single player that played a significant amount of time with the Sabres this season. Thanks to Japers Rink and Mile High Hockey for the inspiration.

Jason Pominville

#29 / Right Wing / Buffalo Sabres



Nov 30, 1982

2008 - Jason Pominville 82 20 46 66 -4 18 6 1 2 2 239 8.4

Key Stat: Pominville is a key part of the Sabres power play that was seventh in the entire league. The Sabres scored 43 goals when he was on the ice with a man advantage (more than any other player on the team).

Interesting Stat: Pominville played more time with Jochen Hecht than any other player on he team. The Sabres were a minus 14 when Pominville and Hecht were on the ice at the same time. They scored only 16 goals when they were on the ice while allowing 30 goals.

Fun Fact: Although he was raised in Canada he is eligible to play for the Americans in International play because his mother is American.

Line Combos:

  1. Jochen Hecht - Thomas Vanek (571 shifts - 4 points)
  2. Tim Connolly - Jochen Hecht (404 shifts - 3 points)
  3. Paul Gaustad - Jochen Hecht (371 shifts - 2 points)
  4. Tim Connolly - Clarke MacArthur (370 shifts - 7 points)
  5. Jochen Hecht - Derek Roy (346 shifts - 4 points)
  6. Tim Connolly - Thomas Vanek (336 shifts - 7 points)

The Good: Pominville has played three full seasons with the Sabres and this season was his third consecutive season scoring at least 20 goals. He also contributed six power play goals for the Sabres.

Many of the top offensive players in the league are prone to giveaways but Pominville was a plus four in giveaway/takeaway ratio. He had a total of 43 takeaways and only gave the puck away 39 times.

Pominville signed a five year contract extension before last season began but he played this season earning just over one million dollars. His 66 points made him the most cost efficient player on the team, earning just $15,657 per point this season.

The Bad: Although this was his third consecutive 20 goals season, it was his lowest goal output in that time frame. His 20 goals were seven less than he scored last season and 14 goals less than he had in the 2006-2007 season.

His lower goal total was not because of a lack of opportunity. He played an average of 19:45 per game which was sixth on the team and second among forwards. He also led the team with 239 shots on goal.

He had combined for a plus 41 over the two previous seasons but this season he finished as a minus four.

2008-2009 Salary: $1,033,333

2009-2010 Status: signed for $5,000,000

Vote: It's time to grade Pominville for his play in Buffalo during the 2008-2009 season. Every player has expectations so vote based on those expectations. If a player played to their potential they should receive a "C" if they exceeded expectations they would receive a "B" or an "A".

Discuss: How much of his struggles were because of playing on a line with Jochen Hecht? Will he ever live up to his five-year $25 million contract? Will he ever be a 30 goal scorer again?

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