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Morning Links: June 6

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I'm keeping it short but sweet today.  Enjoy a beautiful Saturday and check back for the player report card for Nathan Patsch.

Goodbye to the Big Screen Outside the Igloo - Slap Shot Blog -
This is an interesting story because the Sabres were one of the first teams (if not the first) to show the games on a big screen. If the Sabres are ever lucky enough to get back to the playoffs, they won't be showing the non-cable games on the big screen. Let's hope they get to the playoffs first and then we can worry about the Part in the Plaza.

NHLPA Director says "It's time to leave Phoenix"
He just may be right but we don't know enough facts. As a fan of a team that was in bankruptcy and had an unsure future, I feel for Coyotes fans. I wish there was a way to make everyone happy.

Gilbert gone as Marlies coach - The Globe and Mail
Brian Burke is cleaning house within the Leafs organization. It trickles down to the Marlies.

The Toronto Legacy?
This was the bid that Jim Kelley brought up yesterday. Could this be the reason the NHL doesn't want the Coyotes to move to Hamilton?