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Morning Links: June 5 " Blog Archive " Scouting Success
Kevin digs deep into the Sabres video scouting. He proves that people blow this completely out of proportion. This is a must read.

Kelley: Leafs ready to take on NHL -
This is an interesting read about a second team in Toronto. The Leafs should just relax and realize that it is a good idea to have a second team in Toronto.

Sabres Edge: Arniel gets some love in Denver
I don't agree with Woody Paige too often but this time I do. Honestly, I hope that Arniel is the next coach of the Buffalo Sabres.

Game 3 earns highest cable television rating since 2002 - NHL - Hockey
People are watching the Stanley Cup...even non-hockey fans don't want to believe it.

Photo Expedition: Stolen tickets and the Red Wings dream car - Puck Daddy - NHL - Yahoo! Sports
Here is another great post from Puck Daddy. It is a couple of crazy stories surrounding Stanley Cup Game 3 in Pittsburgh on Tuesday night.

Hockey mystery: What happens to hats thrown for hat tricks? - Puck Daddy - NHL - Yahoo! Sports
Did you ever wonder what happened to the hats that were thrown after a player gets a hat trick? Puck Daddy has solved the mystery.