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The Daily Dish: June 4

It's more morning links for your enjoyment.  The Stanley Cup is winding down and then the off-season will officially begin.  That means that rumor season has already begun.

Warning: DISASTER AREA - Mile High Hockey
The Colorado Avalanche did what many Sabres fans wish the Sabres would do...they fired everyone and restructured their management.

Panaccio: Flyers to Sign G Emery
Hahaha...I know that Biron didn't have a great season but Ray Emery? I think he Flyers are going to be much worse next season, anyone care to disagree?

Ted Leonsis: The Capitals, Owning a Pro Sports Team and Building a Fan Base -
A great Q&A with Capitals owner Ted Leonsis. Leonsis is by far the most fan friendly owner in all of sports. This quote was especially hilarious... Washington, D.C.: Do you yell Unleash the Fury with everyone else? Ted Leonsis: My wife does to me !!!!!!!!!!!

Game On - NHL Photo Gallery: Bad Boys of Hockey
The MSG Game on Blog has a photo blog of the top 25 bad boys of all time. Is anyone surprised that Rob Ray is on the list?

Penguins' luck turns in more ways than one
It's pretty obvious that the officiating has favored the home team in the Stanley Cup. It really doesn't look good for the NHL when even the home team papers are criticizing the officials.