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Ladies and Gentlemen, A Patrick Lalime Update


As a guest on the Sabres Lunch Express on Wednesday, Lalime reported that following the regular season he not only underwent a procedure for a sports hernia, but that he also had arthroscopic surgery done on the other side of his hip.

"[They were] a couple surgeries back-to-back, but we’re doing good now," Lalime said on the Web show. "We’re looking at about another month before I feel good again."

The ever quiet situation with Patrick Lalime is finally answered with his interview during today's Sabres Express.  The amount of procedures that Lalime went through though puts his effectiveness in doubt for next season.  The hip injury is what questions me the most seeing that most goalies that start their decline with hip injuries. 

This begs the question of do the Sabres go out and pick up another backup goaltender in the offseason, do they hedge their bet with Enroth if they need someone to fill in, or do you ride it out with Lalime.