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The Daily Dish: June 3


Zagrapan signs in Russia
This was something we talked about last week but it is now official. It would have bee nice to see Zags stick around because I thought he had some good potential but it was clear that he was far down the Sabres depth chart.

Memorial Auditorium To Be Memorialized In Hockey Hall Of Fame | City | Buffalo Rising
Everyone knows my affinity for the Aud. This is great news to find out that it will be memorialized inside the Hockey Hall of Fame. I guess I know where I'll be headed on one of my vacations this summer.

Versus blows it again, delaying NHL postgame show - Best Seat in My House - Sports media news - - Albany NY
It didn't really bother me that Versus aired Sports Soup before the post-game show. It did bother some other people. What was your take? - News: Luxury `supersuite' at new Madison Square Garden - 06/02/2009
300 people in one suite? That's more people than some teams get in the arena. I can't even begin to imagine what that might cost.

The Bruins Blog " Blog Archive " Bruins keeping Krejci for the long term
There was never a doubt in my mind that Bruins would sign him. It always makes sense to do it before July 1 because nobody else has an opportunity to sign him to an offer-sheet. There is still almost a month before free agency but hopefully Darcy is watching and decides to do the same thing.

Dreger: NHL GMs not interested in head-checking penalty
This continues to be an interesting topic. I agree with the General Managers, the rule should remain the same. I have been to an OHL game and they call every hit to the head, even when it is a clean check. Guys like Chara and Sabres prospect Tyler Myers will be a t a disadvantage if every head hit is called.