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Morning Links: NHL Draft 2009

The NHL draft is over and it's time to get back to normal here at Die by the Blade.  The morning links are back with a complete look at the 2009 NHL Draft.  There will still be more draft coverage but it's time to transition into free agency.

Sabres jump on Foligno in fourth round : Sports : The Buffalo News
I nice write up on Marcus Foligno with great quotes from his father, ex-Sabres Captain Mike Foligno. I really hope this kid makes it. He was extremely excited on Saturday.

By and large, Sabres address needs : Sports : The Buffalo News

2009 NHL Draft: What are your thoughts on the Dallas Stars' draft? - Defending Big D
The Dallas Stars drafted Scott Glennie in the first round, passing on Jared Cowen and Magnus Paajarvi.

Atlanta Thrashers 2009 Draft: Summary and Analysis - Bird Watchers Anonymous
An overview of the Thrashers 2009 NHL Draft that looks at specific players chosen and overall strategy.

Habs Eyes On The Prize - Home of 24 Stanley Cups
Robert L has a real nice perspective on the Canadiens selection of Louis Leblanc. I actually got chills when the crowd gave him a standing ovation and sang th etrademark OLE...OLE...OLE...OLE. It was truly a great moment for the youngster.

2009 NHL Draft: Fathers, sons, and other relatives - From The Rink
The list means a total of almost 16 per cent of all players picked who had some relation to a player and/or coach or manager in the league.