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NHL Draft Complete in Montreal

After two days of excitement, nervousness and pure anticipation the NHL Draft has concluded in Montreal.  The Buffalo Sabres took a total of six players with the predominant theme being size.  Former Sabres captain and the father of Sabres draft pick Marcus Foligno said "The Sabres may have taken the toughest two players in the entire Ontario Hockey League (Marcus Foligno and Zack Kassian).

There were plenty of highlights and their were plenty of surprises but overall it was a successful weekend, especially in the eyes of Sabres fans.  We not only seen the Sabres pick a player with the selection of Kassian but we seen a shift in the way of thinking among the Sabres brass.  The Sabres decided that they need to be a tougher team after missing the playoffs for two consecutive seasons.

I think that as a Sabres fan you have to be very pleased with the way the draft played out.  Zack Kassian is a can't miss prospect in my eyes.  He will be a good NHL player at the very least and cold possibly become a dominant power forward like Todd Bertuzzi was before the incident.  

Brayden McNabb is another big strong kid that is almost certainly going to be a NHL player.  Once again his role is undefined but he figures to be a stay-at-home defenseman by his play so far.  The great part about this pick is the upside this kid has.  At the present moment he is nothing more than a physical player that is willing to get dirty in the corners but he has the potential to be a good two-way player if he develops.

The pick of Kassian was a popular pick but the pick of Marcus Foligno might be even more popular.  Once again he is a big strong kid that plays a physical style but he also has blood lines that run through Buffalo.  In fact he was born in Buffalo wile his father was a member of the Buffalo Sabres.  Many people are rooting for this kid to be a key contributor in Buffalo.

Te rest of the draft followd suit for the Sabres with the theme being size.  They had a plan to get bigger and they accomplished that goal.  I'll have plenty more on the draft and the thoughts of Darcy Regier and Kevin Devine as the week roles on.