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NHL Draft 4th Round: Buffalo Sabres Select Marcus Foligno

The Buffalo Sabres selected Marcus Foligno from the Sudbury Wolves of the Ontario Hockey League with their fourth round selection.  Foligno is the son of former Sabres great Mike Foligno and the brother of Ottawa Senators Forward Nick Foligno but says he plays a different style.  "I'm more of a physical presence" Foligno said.

Foligno fits the mold of what the Sabres are trying to accomplish in the 2009 draft. He is another big strong kid that plays with aggression when on the ice.  He is still a long way from becoming an NHL player at this point and will continue to refine his skills in Sudbury of the OHL. 

He will have some great teachers along the way with his father Mike and his brother Nick Foligno who plays for the Ottawa Senators.  He has relied heavily on is brother as he continues to refine his game an he took plenty of advise on how to handle the draft day pleasures.  Many guys would be upset that they sat around and waited until the fourth round to be selected but Foligno had a huge smile on his face as he met the media.

He is already familiar with the Buffalo Sabres but he hopes to become even more acquainted in the future.  Although Foligno plays a physical style he has no plans to try to scrap with his brother if they play against each other in the NHL.  "No, he's not really a fighter so I wouldn't do that" Foligno said "Maybe I'll just rub him out a little".

He was asked about his fathers famous goal celebration and whether he would do it like his brother did and answered by saying "he would do it if his teammates made him do it" 

Another big strong player to add to the list of big, strong players the Sabres have selected.  Check back shortly for the Sabres next pick.