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NHL Draft: Day Two Open Thread

I am back in the same seat I was in about 10 hours ago and hopefully you found the time to turn on the TV to watch the second day of the NHL draft.  The Sabres already made the splash that most people were hoping for so everything else is just gravy.  The Sabres next selection is not until the third round at number 66 overall. 

There has been talk of a possible trade including the Sabres on day two.  No I don't have any inside information that is what I gathered from listening to Larry Quinn talk about the Sabres possibly making some moves.  I think it might happen just because Darcy Regier is bored.  You can tell by watching him that he is not having a very good time sitting and watching.

This will be your post for everything and anything related to the second day of the draft.

Die by the Blade Draft Tracker