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Morning Links: Draft Day Trade Rumors and More

Chelios not keen on coaching Red Wings Hockey | | Detroit Free Press - Longtime Red Wings defenseman Chris Chelios probably will stay involved in the NHL for life. He won't rule anything out right now, but he said Wednesday that he was not so keen on broadcasting, coaching or union leadership

Coyotes players believe team will stay in Arizona : Sabres & NHL : The Buffalo News - I really do think that whatever happens to the Coyotes will make the league better in the long run. Because even if they stay in Phoenix now, they probably won't be there in ten years.

ESPN's Buccigross To Team 1040: Luongo Has Agreed To Extension / Denied By Agent - Nucks Misconduct  - It looks as if Luongo may stay in Vancouver. If not, I don't know what would happen to Canucks fans.

Lawton explains his role in email to GMs and agents - The ongoing saga surrounding the Tampa Bay Lightning took another turn on Thursday afternoon, as all NHL general managers and player agents received a short email message from general manager Brian Lawton establishing his role with the club going forward.

Players vote to keep cap close - NHL Blog - In a shocking turn of events, the players vote to make more money.

Committee: Let there be outdoor games and staged fights - Puck Daddy - NHL - Yahoo! Sports - There is a possibility that there will be three outdoor games next season. Again, people in the states are only getting one.

KuklasKorner : Hockey - Report LA Offer for Heatley - As the draft approaches, the trade rumors start to heat up. This one would be good for the Sens if it actually happened.

Roundup: Fedorov goes KHL; Bouwmeester, Heatley talk intense - Puck Daddy - NHL - Yahoo! Sports - Bouwmeester trade talks also start to heat up, including a mention of Sabres in the mix. Also, Fedorov is heading to the KHL to play with his brother.

Duchene the darkhorse in NHL draft - - Duchene is the player that throws a huge wrench into the Tavares/Hedman debate.