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Morning Links: Sutter to Calgary and Hull among Hall inductees

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We here in Buffalo will always have a place in our heart for Brett Hull.  Most of us haven't forgotten that he shattered our dreams on that Saturday night/Sunday morning in 1999.  Today he was among the inductees to the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Yzerman leads the way for Wings trio - The Globe and Mail
Was anyone surprised by the list of hall-of-fame inductees? I know I wasn't but I was disappointed that Andreychuk didn't get in.

Team Sutter completes Calgary takeover - The Globe and Mail
Is it wrong for me to refer to Brent Sutter as a joke? There is no loyalty in sports anymore and it is almost sickening. I know that I still have some loyalty but I don't make millions either.

Brent Sutter named Calgary Flames coach; New Jersey Devils GM Lou Lamoriello is disappointed but not angry - New Jersey Devils -
Another take on the Sutter situation. It also poses a new question...should there be compensation if you give your consent? I would think that something should be given to the team that got screwed.

CTV Olympics - Babcock to be named Canada's head coach
There is still talk that Ruff could be one of the assistants but nothing has been leaked out yet.

Chelios to discuss plans for next season Wednesday - NHL - Hockey
Chris Chelios has a plan to talk about his future. The 47-year-old defenseman says he will host a news conference Wednesday morning at Cheli's Chili Bar and Restaurant in Detroit to answer questions just days after the Red Wings confirmed he will not be offered a contract to stay.

Karri Ramo, Tampa Bay Lightning, NHL - Hockey
This is my fear with Enroth. Enroth is going to want to be a starting goalie and the KHL might be his chance to achieve that goal.

German player banned after choosing girlfriend over drug test - Puck Daddy - NHL - Yahoo! Sports
This is a must read story. On the surface it seems refuse a drug test you get suspended. Read on to find out why this seems like a harsh punishment.